Gpt4 Pro

Your documents will hold no secrets from you. GPT4 Pro allows you to process and analyze different types of files.

GPT-4 Pro promises to push the boundaries of human-machine interaction. With its ability to: ♦ Understand file contents ♦ Generate text, translate languages ♦ Answer complex questions ♦ And even write code GPT-4 Pro opens new perspectives for communication, information search and task automation. Get ready to discover the future of conversational AI with GPT-4 Pro

Discover GPT4 Pro

GPT-4 Pro is an enhanced version of GPT-4 that is part of the Swiftask AI assistant. In addition to GPT-4 Pro, Swiftask integrates other AI technologies such as ChatGPT, Claude 2.1, Cohere, Gemini Pro and many other bots. GPT4 Pro has the same capabilities as Code Interpreter. Just like GPT-4, the Code Interpreter plugin is an OpenAI-optimized natural language understanding system. It is designed to analyze information to produce accurate answers. It is therefore more powerful and adaptable to different situations.   With Swiftask, users have access to both GPT-4 Pro and other AI capabilities from a single interface. This makes interacting with these technologies easier and enables more efficient and convenient use of AI.

Various Use Cases of GPT4 Pro 

♦ Querying data using natural language to get quick answers without requiring technical expertise  ♦ Analyzing and visualizing data from complex databases ♦ Converting files from one format to another   ♦ Solving mathematical problems, both quantitative and qualitative ♦ Generating visual graphics from data for more readable analysis files ♦ Turning a picture into video using GPT4 Pro by uploading files

How to Use GPT4 Pro on Swiftask?

Step 1: Go to the Swiftask platform and sign up. 

Sign up

Step 2: Click on "Explore more bots" or search in the horizontal dropdown menu for "Official"

Explore more bot
Official bot

Step 3: You arrive on the GPT4 Pro chat interface   

Case 1: Upload a file supported by GPT4 Pro, then add a prompt

File + Prompt
Prompt result

Case 2: Select GPT4 Pro and directly write the prompt

GPT4 Pro + prompt
Prompt result