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With Swiftask, save time and get precise information on any topic with a single click.

The speed at which you gather information is critical. The time spent sorting through data is behind you. Swiftask offers a smart solution by introducing Web Search. Enjoy the AI-powered tool from Swiftask and refine your strategy with up-to-date results.

Web Search: what is this tool?

Web Search is an AI bot built into Swiftask, designed to perform quick and in-depth information searches. It collects accurate data and organizes search results intuitively on a single platform, Swiftask. 

The Swiftask application is designed to streamline your research process. Web Search is your perfect partner for getting instant information and conducting detailed research.

What can Web Search on Swiftask be used for?

Strategic monitoring

Web Search can be used to continuously monitor developments in your sector, keeping you up-to-date about recent trends, innovations and your competitors' actions.

Academic research

For students and researchers, Web Search can help gather precise data for research projects by providing relevant information from verified sources.

Smart shopping

Web Search can compare prices and features of different products across multiple websites, helping you make informed purchases.

News and events

Use Web Search to stay up-to-date with the latest news, pop culture events, sports, or other topics of your interest.

Travel Selection: Web

Web Search can help plan your travels by offering information about the best tourist sites, hotels, restaurants, and activities, based on your preferences and budget.

Web Search combined with other bots on Swiftask

The results provided by Web Search can be analyzed by various intelligent bots.

  • Scrapio can retrieve the content of the source sites and summarize it.
  • Swiftask, GPT-4 Pro, Gemini Pro, Cohere, and Claude 2.1 can interact with the content and answer all your prompts.
  • Chat on Pdf is responsible for providing responses regarding PDF documents.
  • DALL-E 3 and Stable Diffusion generate images to enrich the content of your article.

How to use Web Search?

To use Web Search, follow these steps:

1- Solicit Web Search by mentioning "@Web….”

Web search 1

2- Write your prompt, then click 'send'


3- Discover the result along with the sources.

Web search 3