Gemini Pro

Gemini Pro

Gemini Pro: A powerful and advanced multimodal AI, capable of assisting you in various daily tasks.  

Step up your AI game!  Since the ChatGPT breakthrough, the race towards the most cutting-edge technology has started. Don't get left behind, join the pioneers accessing the latest innovations with Gemini Pro on Swiftask.

Discover Gemini Pro 

Gemini Pro is an AI model developed by Google, designed to compete with OpenAI's GPT-3.5 model. Here are some of its key features: ♦ Multimodality: Gemini Pro can understand, process and integrate various types of input data or signals, including text, images, video and computer code. ♦ Performance: According to Google, Gemini Pro outperforms human experts on the MMLU performance test (Massive Multitask Language Understanding), which assesses language understanding and problem-solving abilities of AI models.  ♦ Versions: Gemini comes in three versions - Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro and Gemini Nano. Gemini Pro is described by DeepMind as the "best model for evolving on a wide range of tasks." ♦ Languages: Gemini Pro supports 38 languages across over 180 countries and territories worldwide.  ♦ Functionalities: It offers a range of capabilities including function calling, embeddings, semantic retrieval and custom knowledge anchoring, as well as conversational ability.  Gemini Pro is already integrated into Swiftask.

Various Use Cases of Gemini Pro

♦ Natural language tasks: conversations, text and code generation  ♦ Multimodal use: object detection in images, understanding interfaces, drawings and graphics, image recommendations, image comparisons ♦ Video description: generating descriptions from text and video   ♦ Extracting object tags in videos ♦  Extracting video highlights   ♦ Enterprise use: customizing AI models to meet specific business needs

How to Use Gemini Pro on Swiftask?

Step 1: Open the Swiftask app and sign up.  

Sign Up

Step 2: Click on “Explore more bots” on the right or click the “Official” list  

Explore more bot
Official bot

Step 3: You arrive on the Gemini Pro home interface  

Gemini Pro

Case 1: With Gemini Pro, import a file in the following formats: jpg, png, mp4 (up to 10mb), then insert the corresponding prompt.

Gemini Pro + File + Prompt
Prompt result

Case 2: Use Gemini Pro to generate text, answer questions or solve problems.

Gemini Pro + Prompt