Extract text content from web pages with Scrapio in just a few seconds.

To expand your knowledge in a field, you conduct research and make comparisons on the internet. Simplify this task by discovering the usefulness of Scrapio in your daily life.

What is Scrapio?

Scrapio, a bot specialized in scraping websites or web pages, excels at meticulously extracting textual data. It analyzes content to provide the user with relevant and usable information, thus contributing to in-depth analysis and increased productivity.

The use of Scrapio in everyday life

Scrapio use case

Combining Scrapio with other Swiftask bots

The text extracted by Scrapio can be summarized.

Several Swiftask bots can be used to work on the content extracted by Scrapio or to provide additional information:

- GPT-4 Pro

- Claude 2.1

- Gemini Pro

- Cohere

- WebBot

- Web Reporter

How to use Scrapio on Swiftask?

Scrapio is easy to use on Swiftask. Simply follow these steps:

1- Call on Scrapio by mentioning "@Scr..."

Call on Scrapio

2- Copy the link and press "send".

the link

3- Here you have the content of the page.

the result

4- To get a summary, click on "Summary webpage or article".

Click on Summary webpage
the result