Transform Your Workflow: Unleash Powerful OCR Capabilities with "ChatGPT like" of Swiftask to Extract Information from Scanned Documents Instantly!

Imagine how much easier and more efficient your day could be if you waved goodbye to mind-numbing, manual data entry. That’s where our OCR feature comes in! With Swiftask's powerful OCR capabilities, you can extract meaningful information from any scanned document or image instantly. To take it a step further, Swiftask user can use ChatGPT to post-process the output from the OCR, ensuring that the extracted data is clear, concise, and ready for you to use. This brilliant combination not only saves you time, but also enhances the accuracy of the information.

What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

Optical Character Recognition, often abbreviated as OCR, is a technology designed to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a digital camera, into editable and searchable data. Imagine taking a photo of a printed page and then being able to edit the text in that photo as if it were a Word document. That's what OCR allows you to do. It works by analyzing the shapes and patterns of the letters in the image, then converting them into digital text. This technology can be incredibly useful in many situations, such as digitizing printed documents for easier storage and access, helping visually impaired people read printed text, or even translating languages.

What are the benefits of combining GPT and OCR technology?

The combination of OCR and GPT models helps us tap into the full potential of this technology. GPT is capable of understanding, analyzing, and editing text inputs, making it ideal for refining the raw text data retrieved from images using OCR. You can present the derived text to GPT-4, Gemini Pro, Claude 2.1 or Cohere and ask simple questions like, “What items are listed on the invoice and what is the total cost?” The GPT will then provide a detailed answer in the exact format you require.

What are the various applications of OCR technology?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows machines to read text from physical documents and convert it into electronic data. It elevates the process of data input, making it electronic, speedy, and highly accurate. The use of OCR technology extends into various domains of business and everyday life, enhancing productivity and making multiple tasks more comfortable.

1. Document Digitization: Businesses use OCR to convert physical documents into a digital format, thereby enabling easy search, access, and modifications. OCR helps streamline document handling, storage, and retrieval, thus improving operational efficiency.

2. Automated Data Extraction: OCR plays a crucial role in extracting valuable data from digitized documents automatically. It can pull out specific information like bank details, addresses, phone numbers, and more, which simplifies data-intensive processes and accelerates business operations.

3. Content Indexing & Search: Using OCR, businesses can index the scanned documents, making them completely searchable. This feature facilitates easy access to vital informational nuggets embedded within voluminous documents.

4. Automatic Document Reading: OCR technology is employed to read documents automatically and extract pertinent information. It’s beneficial for tasks like data entry automation and ID authentication, significantly reducing human errors.

How to properly use OCR on Swiftask?

Unlock the Full Potential of OCR on Swiftask. Your Step-by-step Guide:

1- Begin by inserting the document to be analyzed.

2- Click 'send' to import the document.

3- Next, select 'Extract Content from Docs and Images'.

4- You have the option to either copy the extracted content or directly export it to Google Docs.

5- You can engage in a chat conversation regarding the document, allowing you to understand and analyze it with the assistance of GPT 3.5 or GPT-4 from Swiftask.

6- Here is another example with a ticket.