Table Extraction

Make your table data analysis easier thanks to Swiftask's extraction function!

Opting to use Swiftask allows you to significantly simplify your tasks. Thanks to its table extraction function, you will accomplish your tasks faster than expected.

Swiftask's DocumentAI

Document AI, a feature integrated into Swiftask, is an artificial intelligence tool for extracting data contained in one or more tables.

It is compatible with the following file formats: PDF, PNG, JPG, DOC, DOCX. Document AI is also able to convert a DOC file to PDF.

What can DocumentAI do?

The table extraction feature performed by DoumentAI is useful:

  • For fast and efficient data analysis  
  • To generate quantitative business reports
  • To improve research results
  • To prepare data for visualization
  • To extract financial data

Can DocumentAI be combined with other Swiftask bots?

Indeed, your access to Swiftask allows you to have your DocumentAI results processed by other AI tools on the same interface. Here is a list of tools you can use to analyze your results:

  • ♦ ChatGPT, when the file has been converted to text
  • ♦ Cohere  
  • ♦ Claude V1
  • ♦ Claude V2.1
  • ♦ GPT-4
  • ♦ Gemini Pro

How to use Document AI?

Easily use DocumentAI by following these steps:

1- Upload your file to Swiftask and click on “Submit”.

2- Click on “Extract tables”.  

3- You get 2 versions of your extraction.

4- Use the “Reply” function if you want to use the result with an AI tool.  

5- Choose the AI tool that will assist you.

6- Write your prompt.

7- Get the desired result.