Save time, let WebBot do the online research for you!

Swiftask's innovative technology offers you the ability to use various AI tools, one of which is WebBot. This essential tool makes information retrieval easier and satisfies your thirst for knowledge.

Discovering Swiftask's WebBot

WebBot functions like a search engine, but with a twist - it's powered by AI. This significant advancement in the efficiency and accuracy of online search does all the work for you. No longer do you need to browse through countless webpages to find what you're looking for.

The use case of WebBot in everyday life

Choosing to use WebBot allows you to:

  • Find recent inspiration for writing a blog or a publication.
  • Discover the new trends in digital marketing.
  • Speed up information retrieval by collecting and synthesizing data from the web.
  • Save precious time by avoiding lengthy traditional searches.
  • Get verifiable answers from the sources provided by WebBot.
  • Receive up-to-date information from the internet, such as weather, news, current trends.

WebBot combined with other features on Swiftask

On Swiftask, WebBot is not the only tool at your service. Once you've utilized this new search engine, you have the option to invoke other tools:

  • Text generators like GPT-4, Claude AI, Gemini Pro, Cohere are able to provide you with answers on the platform.
  • Swiftask is also available by default to provide you with answers.
  • Scrapio is there to extract data from the sources found by WebBot.
  • And WebReporter is used to further delve into the research started by WebBot.

How to use WebBot?

To use WebBot, here's what you need to do:

1- 1. Select WebBot by typing "@Web..."

WebBot activation

2- Write your prompt, then click send.

3- You can read the result and verify the sources.