Google Docs

Import your AI-generated texts directly into Google Docs!

To improve productivity, Swiftask found it necessary to add the Gdocs document creation tool. Each user thus benefits from better handling of their work thanks to quick filing.

What is the GDocs bot?

GDocs is a bot that allows you to import your Swiftask responses into a Google Doc linked to your Swiftask account email address. It can also create an empty Google Sheet document and Google Slide presentation using the folder names.

What is GDocs for?

  • GDocs makes it easy to layout and edit AI-generated text content.
  • It secures your documents in the cloud.
  • It saves you time.

How to use GDocs?

Here's how to take advantage of GDocs:

1- To create a document, call GDocs by typing "@GD..."

2- Type your prompt to create a Google doc with a title.

3- GDocs generates a link for you to click on.

Google Doc

4- To create a Google Sheet, just type the prompt.

prompt for a Google Sheet
Google Sheet

5- For a Google Slide, use the same procedure.

6- Once you have received the results of your prompt, you can directly import them into Google Docs by clicking "Export to GDocs".