Claude 2.1

Claude AI

With its state-of-the-art AI, Claude 2.1 is a Must-Have assistant to summarize long documents in no time and draft impactful content. 

Discover how to harness the power of Claude 2.1 on Swiftask, the advanced AI writing assistant, to generate high-quality content with ease.

Discover Claude 2.1

Claude 2.1 is an advanced language model with several significant improvements over its predecessors Claude 1 and Claude 2. Here are its main technical features: ♦ Context window of 200K tokens: Claude 2.1 can process up to 200,000 context tokens, equivalent to around 150,000 words or over 500 pages of text. It allows users to interact with longer texts. ♦ 2x lower hallucination rates: Claude 2.1 made significant gains in honesty, with a 2x decrease in false claims compared to the previous Claude 2.0 model.  ♦ Enhanced understanding and summarization: Claude 2.1 also brought major improvements in understanding and summarization capabilities, demonstrating a 30% reduction in incorrect answers. Swiftask has chosen to integrate Claude 2.1 among its array of bots on the platform. You can easily take advantage of Claude 2.1's capabilities by signing up on Swiftask.

Various Use Cases of Claude 2.1

Claude 2.1 can be leveraged in various contexts, both for individual and professional use. Here are some examples: ♦ Translation of academic documents  ♦ Drafting detailed and well-structured business plans ♦ Analyzing complex legal contracts ♦ Summarizing long, complex documents like financial reports or technical specifications ♦ Complex numerical reasoning  ♦ Answering questions by searching its database

How to Use Claude 2.1 on Swiftask? 

Step 1: Sign up on the Swiftask platform with your email address.  

Sign Up

Step 2: On the right side of the chat interface, click on "Explore more bots" and select "Claude 2 or Claude 2.1".  

Explore more bot

Step 3: You then arrive on the conversation page with Claude 2.1.

Claude 2.1

Step 4: Insert your prompt and keep chatting!

Claude 2.1 + prompt