Image Upscaler

Image Upscaler

Give life back to your photos with Swiftask's Image Upscaler.

Make a splash with your photos thanks to Swiftask's AI enhancer! In one click, the Image Upscaler bot gives them exceptional quality and high definition for gallery-worthy shots. Simple and ultra fast, enhancing your photos has never been as accessible as with this revolutionary tool.

Discover Image upscaler

The Image Upscaler from Swiftask is a photo enhancement tool using artificial intelligence. It allows to increase the resolution and sharpness of images. Thanks to cutting-edge algorithms, it makes photos more detailed and radiant.

Different use cases of image upscaler

Here are some examples of use cases for Swiftask's image upscaler: ♦ Enhancement of pixelated family photos: allows you to revive old low-quality personal photos by making them sharper and more detailed ♦ Retouching photos for website or social media: easily get high-quality visuals for your website or social media posts ♦ Creation of large-format photo prints: by increasing image resolution, it is possible to print poster prints without loss of quality ♦ High-definition rendering for commercial printing: graphic designers and printers can use the upscaler to generate image files suitable for professional printing ♦ Upscaling screenshots for presentations or documents: makes screenshots look cleaner and more visually pleasing once integrated into a document Swiftask's image upscaler adapts to many use cases, both for individuals and professionals.

How to use Image Upscaler on Swiftask?

Step 1: go to the Swiftask platform and open an account.

Sign Up

Step 2: once on the chat home page, import the image to improve.  

image to improve

Step 3: Here's the result.

improved image

Step 4: to have a larger image size, press Image Upscaler again

upscale image