YouTube Transcription

Benefit from the exploitation of the written transcription of your YouTube video thanks to Swiftask.

Swiftask continues to improve your experience with an increasing range of features. One of these improvements is YouTube transcription, which offers many benefits for both individuals and professionals. Discover how to make the most of this feature.

YouTube Transcription: What You Need to Know

YouTube transcription refers to converting the audio content of a YouTube video into written text. This allows users to read the text associated with the video rather than relying solely on the audio.

What can YouTube transcription be used for?

YouTube transcription offers several practical and beneficial applications:

  • ♦ it makes videos accessible to hearing impaired or deaf people by providing text representative of the content of the video;
  • ♦ it improves understanding among viewers who prefer to read rather than listen;
  • ♦ it helps students take notes and revise;
  • ♦ it facilitates the search for specific information in the video;
  • ♦ it allows the creation of accurate subtitles for the video.

YouTube Transcription Associated with Other Swiftask Features

Swiftask has several artificial intelligence tools capable of leveraging the work done by YouTube transcription.

  • With: GPT-4, Gemini Pro, Claude AI, Swiftask is able to analyze the information extracted by the transcriber;
  • ♦ it has the ability to translate the text into different languages;
  • ♦ it has the ability to add additional content or even create an article from the transcription;
  • ♦ it offers the possibility to obtain a summary of the content;
  • ♦ it allows your team to access the project.

How to use YouTube Transcription?

1- Copy the YouTube video URL and paste it directly into Swiftask. Then click "Send". 

2- Click "Transcribe YouTube" and AudioIA will activate automatically.

3- Now you have your transcription.   

4- You are free to call on other Swiftask bots to work on the content. Just open the list of bots and choose the one that will assist you.