What’s new?

A rundown of the latest Swiftask feature releases, product enhancements, design updates, and important bug fixes.

Custom configuration LLM


You can now configure your AI's (GPT-4, Claude 3 Opus) power to respond appropriately to your prompt, based on the desired level of creativity.

  • Creativity control: Higher values produce more varied but unpredictable responses, while lower values generate more coherent responses.
  • Prompt system: Specify how you want your bot to behave and respond to user messages. Try to be as precise as possible.
custom config llm

Addition of Followup


Now, when using the text-generating AI on Swiftask, you will notice the appearance of a series of additional questions below in the form of follow-up. These follow-up questions guide you to find the most effective wording for your prompt, your research, or your writing.


Directly import a document


A brand new feature has been added to Swiftask. Now, users can directly import their documents when activating an AI on the platform. This option allows users to get a better overview of their collaboration with the AI, especially when it comes to tasks involving textual data.

This improvement is available on Claude AI, GPT, Mistral, and more.

Multi IA Thanos


Swiftask presents Thanos, the multi-AI. It allows users to obtain multiple responses simultaneously with a single prompt. This feature of Thanos pushes the boundaries of conversational assistants to a higher level for enhanced productivity.

Multi AI Thanos comes in 2 versions:

  • Thanos Lite including: Claude 3 Sonet, GPT-3.5, Mistral Medium, and Gemini Pro.
  • Thanos comprenant : Claude 3 Opus, GPT-4 et Mistral Large.
Thanos lite

Swiftask can speak


Swiftask has been updated to include a natural voice reading feature for results in various languages. This new feature aims to enhance the user experience by providing a smooth and natural reading of AI-generated content. It allows users to listen to the results instead of reading them, making the interaction more intuitive and efficient.

Mistral Large


Mistral Large is now available on Swiftask. Mistral is an AI developed by the French startup Mistral, currently ranking as the second most powerful AI after GPT-4. It stands out for its mastery of the English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian languages, with a nuanced understanding of grammar and cultural context. Mistral Large has a context window of 32,000 tokens, allowing it to accurately recall information from large documents. One of its strengths lies in its superior reasoning ability.

Mistral large

Ability to regenerate an AI response


You can now request the AI on Swiftask to generate a new response using the initial query. This feature is only available for the latest AI response selected to assist you. Response regeneration allows you to gain a new perspective or a more tailored response to your needs. This enables you to further explore the various possibilities of the AI response and obtain more precise information when necessary.

New "STOP" feature and improved response time


When asking the AI to generate text, you now have the option to stop it at any time if you realize that there was an error in the initial request. This allows you to change the prompt and obtain a more precise response.

The response time of AIs on Swiftask has been enhanced to provide a smoother and faster experience. You can now track the AI response generation in real time, allowing you to visualize the generation process.

Gemini Pro


We are delighted to announce that Gemini Pro is now available on Swiftask. As Google's most advanced and powerful AI model, Gemini Pro offers enhanced interaction with its multimodal capability. Experience Gemini Pro on Swiftask now and enjoy its full potential!

Gemini Pro on Swiftask

All your answers in real time


From now on, when you write a request on the Swiftask platform, you receive a real-time answer. You see scrolling word by word all the responses generated by the bot you chose.

Supported Data for GPT4 Pro


Find here the list of data types supported by GPT4 Pro: ♦ Audio (.wav) - WAV format audio files ♦ C Source Code (.c) - Source files in C language ♦ C++ Source Code (.cpp) - Source files in C++ language ♦ CSV Files (.csv) - Comma-separated values files ♦ Word Documents (.docx) - Microsoft Word documents ♦ HTML Files (.html) - HTML web page files ♦ Java Source Code (.java) - Source files in Java language ♦ JSON Files (.json) - Structured JSON data files ♦ Markdown Files (.md) - Markdown documents ♦ PDF Documents (.pdf) - PDF format documents ♦ PHP Source Code (.php) - Source files in PHP language ♦ PowerPoint Presentations (.pptx) - Microsoft PowerPoint presentations ♦ Python Scripts (.py) - Python language scripts ♦ Ruby Scripts (.rb) - Ruby language scripts ♦ LaTeX Source Documents (.tex) - LaTeX source documents ♦ Text Files (.txt) - Text files ♦ CSS Stylesheets (.css) - CSS style sheets ♦ JPEG Images (.jpeg, .jpg) - JPEG format images ♦ JavaScript Files (.js) - JavaScript files ♦ GIF Images (.gif) - GIF format images ♦ PNG Images (.png) - PNG format images ♦ Tarball Archive (.tar) - Tarball archives ♦ TypeScript Files (.ts) - Source files in TypeScript ♦ Excel Spreadsheets (.xlsx) - Microsoft Excel workbooks ♦ XML Files (.xml) - XML files ♦ ZIP Archives (.zip) - ZIP compressed archives

Claude 2.1


You now have the latest version of Claude AI on Swiftak: Claude 2.1. Claude 2.1 has been boosted to handle a context of 200,000 tokens.

Claude 2.1

GPT-4 Vision


Swiftask has recently integrated GPT-4 Vision, a major breakthrough in image analysis and understanding by artificial intelligence. Here is an overview of the features in this new update: ♦ Advanced image understanding: GPT-4 Vision can provide detailed descriptions of visual content, interpret complex contexts, and answer specific questions about images. ♦ Object identification: GPT-4 Vision has been enhanced to accurately identify and recognize objects within an image. ♦ Support for various types of visual content: GPT-4 Vision now supports a variety of formats, including photographs, screenshots, and scanned documents. ♦ Intuitive interaction: Users can now query GPT-4 Vision about the elements detected in an image, providing an interactive and engaging experience. ♦ Optimized performance: Improvements have been made to increase image processing speed and improve the accuracy of the AI-generated analyses.

GPT4 Vision

Task Sorting Feature


We are thrilled to announce the latest update for Swiftask aimed at optimizing your workload management. ♦ Task Sorting: You can now sort your tasks on Swiftask. This new feature allows you to organize your tasks by priority: - - - start date, completion date, - - - task title, for a better visualization of your daily or weekly goals. ♦ Completed Task Marking: Once you finish a task, simply check it off. The task will be marked as completed and automatically disappear from your main feed, helping you maintain a clear workspace focused on the tasks that still need to be accomplished.

Task sort

Custom Bot with file Data Source


We are excited to introduce the latest innovation from Swiftask that revolutionizes how you can interact with your work environment. ♦ Custom Bot Creation: Starting now, use GPT4 Pro to create a bot that specifically caters to your personal or professional needs. Designed to integrate and understand the nuances of your work, this custom bot is your tailored assistant. ♦ Data Adding Section: A new feature allows you to add crucial information directly into the bot. Provide it with the necessary data to learn and act more informed on specific aspects of your business. ♦ Improved User Interface for Bot Creation: The bot creation interface has been redesigned for an optimized user experience. Now, you can test your bot directly within the interface, refine its prompts, and adjust data content in real-time. We are confident that this Swiftask update will elevate your professional experience to the next level. Get ready to transform your way of working with your new personalized digital collaborator.

Custom Bot with file Data Source

GPT-4 Pro


GPT4 Pro, the new tool from Swiftask, is making its debut on the platform. It offers the same functionality as OpenAI's Code Interpreter. It is the ultimate assistant for professionals in search of an all-in-one solution. New features and improvements: ♦ Advanced computing capabilities: GPT4 Pro is now able to perform complex calculations, providing users with the necessary power to analyze and manipulate demanding data. ♦ Graph generation: Users can upload data and GPT4 Pro will transform this information into clear and accurate graphs, allowing for better understanding and simplified data analysis. ♦ Extended file support: The file management feature has been enhanced to include support for PDF, CSV, and txt files, making GPT4 Pro even more versatile. ♦ Text processing tools: Whether it's summarizing large volumes of text, extracting key information, or ensuring spelling accuracy, GPT4 Pro now handles all of these tasks with increased efficiency.

Using gpt4 pro

Automatic Bot Selection for Image and Document Files


We are excited to announce a significant improvement in the ease of use for Swiftask with our latest additions, GPT-4 Pro and GPT-4 Vision. ♦ Automatic Bot Selection: When you enter an instruction and attach an image on Swiftask, GPT-4 Vision automatically takes over. For other file types, GPT-4 Pro takes command without any further intervention on your part. ♦ High-Performance Bot Intervention: Regardless of the bot set as the default option on your page, the system will detect the presence of an image or document file and choose the best version of the bot, GPT-4 Pro or GPT-4 Vision, for optimal assistance.

Bot selection GPT4 Pro
Bot selection GPT4 Vision

One-click usage of AI bots


Now, to access your bot, you simply need to click on the AI tool of your choice in the right column of the main interface.  The corresponding bot will automatically take care of your tasks. This improvement allows for a smoother and quicker experience when using a specific bot.

Claude 2

Improvement of the bot browsing and search screen


We have simplified the process of searching for bots on Swiftask. Now, all you need to do is click on "Explore more bot" to access an enhanced search screen.

Explore more bots on Swiftask

You can also tap on the bot indicator responsible for the ongoing task. Bots are also presented by category, making your search experience even easier.

Explore more bots

Translate and correct texts


The new feature of Swiftask now allows you to translate and correct texts more easily and efficiently. ✔ Repetitive instructions such as "Correct this text:", "Check this text" or "Translate into French:" are no longer necessary. ✔ Simply click on the bot and enter the text you want to translate or correct, without the need for additional instructions. ✔ This innovation is designed to make the process of translating and correcting texts even simpler and to improve the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of the experience. ✔ Take advantage of this update to optimize your translation and correction operations with Swiftask.

English / French translator
Text Corrector

Task Activity


Notification tags have been added to the Swiftask interface. From now on, for every action performed on a task, users can track all the updates made: changes: start date / end date, additions of labels, task section changes, addition of sub-tasks. This feature allows everyone to see the modifications made, thereby facilitating the detection of errors or inadvertent changes.

task activity

A Redesigned Interface for Enhanced Fluidity!


We are thrilled to announce a profound redesign of the Swiftask interface. Our goal: to further boost your productivity and user experience! The sidebar is now collapsible, streamlined, and optimized for a simplified workflow. The project screen has been completely overhauled for an ultra-detailed visualization of your tasks. The task capacity per project has been increased to allow for even greater flexibility. With these enhancements, organize and manage your projects from start to finish in an intuitive and efficient manner.

redesigned interface

Custom Bot Creation


The Swiftask platform now offers the possibility to design a customized AI assistant, tailored to your specific projects and needs. Optimize your productivity and achieve optimized results through the integration of a bot that understands the subtleties of your field. This bot will be able to generate content according to precise directives and will be available at all times. All members of the same Swiftask workspace will have access to this bot and can in turn boost their performance.

creation bot

Claude AI: Your Friendly AI Assistant at Your Service


Claude AI (V1 and V2) is now your new AI assistant, integrated into Swiftask to enhance your productivity and user experience. This version introduces more advanced performance in terms of responses. They are now longer and provide more relevant details related to the initial request. Claude AI aims to be a friendly assistant, enabling smooth interactions on the Swiftask platform.

Claude AI



DALL-E 3 is now implemented on Swiftask to supercharge your creativity!

Image Quality Enhancement: Get ready to be dazzled by images with unprecedented sharpness and detail level, thanks to our brand-new image generation tool.

Extended Multilingual Support: DALL-E 3 breaks down language barriers and is now skilled in understanding and generating text in a multitude of languages, including French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, among others.

Enhanced Performance: Enjoy faster image generation than ever before, leading to increased efficiency and a greatly improved user experience.


Enhanced Version of GPT-4


We have just integrated the latest cutting-edge AI developed by OpenAI: GPT-4 Turbo! This enhanced version of GPT-4 offers highly advanced features: - Up-to-date data until April 2023 for even more precise and updated answers - An extremely extended context capacity, up to 128,000 tokens compared to only 32,000 for GPT-4! This is equivalent to 300 pages of a standard book. It means that the AI can consider a lot more information to provide you with the best possible recommendations.

Stable Diffusion


New on Swiftask: Stable Diffusion is now available!  

This AI tool allows you to generate realistic images from natural language descriptions. Let your imagination run wild and create fascinating visuals to illustrate your ideas.

With Stable Diffusion, bringing your creativity to life has never been so simple. Test the infinite capabilities of this technology on Swiftask today.

Magic Color


With Magic Color, colorize your photos in the blink of an eye! This revolutionary AI tool is now available on Swiftask.

Give a new dimension to your monochrome illustrations.

Let your imagination run free and bring color to your creations. Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, breathe new life into your memories and share unique images.

Magic Color on Swiftask, for colorful photos full of creativity.

Face Restoration


This new feature, Face Restoration, is now available on Swiftask. The artificial intelligence automatically detects faces and enhances them to restore their vibrancy.

No more blurry expressions or bad exposures!

Face Restoration corrects all defects and improves image quality of faces.

Rediscover your old photos in a new light. Give them a second chance with Face Restoration on Swiftask.

Plagiarism Checker: Detect and Eliminate Plagiarism


On Swiftask, you currently have access to "Plagiarism Checker". This plagiarism detection tool analyzes your text documents to find plagiarized phrases or passages on the Internet.  

It generates a detailed report on the percentage of plagiarized content in your text as well as the original sources of the plagiarized passages.  

If the plagiarism rate is high in your document, you can submit a task to your favorite bot on Swiftask for it to rewrite the text and eliminate plagiarism.

Google Docs


Now you can create a Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides from your Prompt. To do so, you should just use the following prompt: - @Gdocs create me an empty Google Docs, - @Gdocs create me an empty Google Sheets, - @Gdocs create me an empty Google Slides

Your Web Reporter


Now on Swiftask, you have Web Reporter, your AI companion for quick insights and comprehensive research. Web Reporter takes care of everything, from precise source gathering to the organization of your research results; all on one interface designed to make your research process simple and easy.

To top it all off, you can harness your research results with GPT or other Swiftask bots within the same chat. Explore Web Reporter on Swiftask and simplify your research process now!

Save Prompts to Workspace" Feature Update


Now you can save frequently used prompts to your workspace effortlessly, maximizing efficiency and productivity in your workflow.

Task Details Sidebar


The "Task Details Sidebar" is an exciting new feature added to SwiftAsk, enhancing the user experience by providing a convenient way to view and manage task details. With quick access to essential information and actions related to tasks, the new sidebar improves productivity and task management efficiency. Users can now easily navigate between tasks without losing visibility of the task details, perform common task-related actions directly from the sidebar, and customize its appearance based on their preferences. Bug fixes and user interface enhancements have also been implemented to ensure a more intuitive task management experience. 

Task quick edit sidebar

Extract table from image


On Swiftask, it is now possible to quickly and accurately extract tabular data from images. This significantly improves your productivity by saving you from having to manually enter the data, and instead obtaining it with just a few clicks.

Extract content from office document


Currently, on Swiftask, you have the possibility to extract the text from an Office document. This feature facilitates your collaboration with your AI assistant and allows you to chat on a PDF based on the created file. This way, you will be able to perform a comprehensive analysis of your document. Swiftask strives to provide you with the best possible experience to enhance your productivity at work.

Enhanced PDF Chat Feature with Answer Evidence


We've upgraded the Chat on PDF feature in Swiftask to include answer evidence. Now, every answer you receive will come with the corresponding page number from the PDF document, making it effortless for users to locate the source of information they seek.

Answer evidence is a valuable addition, enhancing user confidence and comprehension when working with PDF documents. We trust you'll find it exceptionally useful!

Improvement in Chat and Project Notifications


Improved project notification system: now only users participating in tasks will receive notifications. This enhancement aims to prevent spamming other project members.

Youtube transcription from url


New Feature: Transcribe YouTube videos from a URL with one click!

We have introduced a game-changing feature that allows users to transcribe YouTube videos directly from the provided URL. No more hassle of downloading and uploading files - simply paste the YouTube video URL, and Swiftask will handle the rest!

You can now access a range of advanced AI models for processing the transcriptions, including GPT 3.5, GPT-4, GPT 3.5 16K, and more. Choose the model that suits your needs, right within the chat interface!

We are constantly working to enhance your experience with Swiftask. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and improvements!

Project and Workspace invitation


  • Fix on project member invitation:

Previously, users may have experienced issues when inviting team members to join a project. We have addressed and fixed this bug. Users can now invite and add project members seamlessly.

  • Fix on workspace member invitation:

There was a bug that hindered the process of inviting new members to workspaces. We have resolved this issue, allowing users to invite and onboard workspace members without any difficulties.

  • Email notification not working link:

We have addressed a bug that caused email notifications to fail to direct users to the related page. Now, email notifications will properly link to the correct location, ensuring a seamless user experience

Best suggestions from the AI assistant


Now, the AI assistant takes into account several parameters before making suggestions: the title of the task, its description, and the name of the project. Your AI assistant uses this information to generate a personalized response, perfectly in line with your current needs.

Drag and drop


From now on, you have the ability to perform an intuitive drag and drop of files directly into the Chat. This new capability greatly simplifies the import of various file formats, such as: Text, Audio, Video or image

You can now smoothly import your content using this convenient and user-friendly method.

Purchase of credits by bot


Swiftask now offers you more flexibility in using bots. You can purchase credits for a single bot without the need to subscribe to a monthly subscription. This way, you can fully enjoy the bots you choose while staying efficient in your work.

Swiftask offers a range of intelligent and creative bots to assist you in your daily tasks. Whether you need help with text writing, image generation, data processing, audio transcription, or customer conversations, you will find the bot that suits you. Swiftask, GPT-4, AudioIA, DALL-E, DataChat, DocumentAI: we let you make your choice.

Generating tasks from a Prompt


A new feature has been integrated into the homepage of your project on Swiftask: it's the "Generate Tasks" option using a prompt. This option gives you the ability to create tasks on demand.

We invite you to try out this feature so that it can assist you optimally in achieving your goals.

Auto rename chat session title


  • Added a new feature to Swiftask that automatically renames the chat title based on the context of your first prompt.-
  • However, please note that you can still manually rename the chat title if desired.

We hope this update enhances your Swiftask experience! Moreover, this new feature can be particularly helpful in finding and organizing your old chats more easily. With the automatically renamed chat titles, you can quickly identify and locate specific conversations, further streamlining your experience with Swiftask.

GPT-4 Support


Discover GPT-4 on Swiftask : the ultimate AI for generating smooth and relevant text ! Get high-qualitycontentwith in-depth understanding and accurateanswersto yourquestions. Simplify your writing work, achieve your writing goals, and unleash your creativity.