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What you need to know about "Follow-up"

The "follow-up" in Artificial Intelligence (AI) can have several meanings depending on the context. This article will discuss the "follow-up" that refers to the ability of a system to generate follow-up questions based on a given topic. This is an important feature for communication between the user and the AI.

What is it for?

The "follow-up" allows for a deeper discussion and the exploration of the subject in detail. For example, if you present the topic of astronomy to the AI, it could generate follow-up questions like:

  • "What are the latest developments in telescopes?"
  • or "Can you explain the difference between a star and a planet?"

It is an excellent way to engage in a deeper and more meaningful conversation with the AI.

Thus, in the face of an incomplete understanding of a subject or a request, the AI, endowed with remarkable adaptability, can formulate follow-up questions. This ability helps to clarify obscure points and promotes mutual understanding with the user, thus encouraging a collaborative and enriching approach to the subject.


One of the major advantages of follow-up is that AI can help you explore different aspects of a subject. This allows you to assimilate new information and enhance your knowledge effectively.

AI can also use follow-up questions to better understand your preferences and interests, which helps to personalize interactions and make your experience more relevant.

Learn to use it on Swiftask

Text-generating AIs, such as GPT-4, GEMINI PRO, CLAUDE 3, etc., have the ability to generate "follow-ups."

To do this,

  • Choose your AI.
  • Enter your prompt.
  • At the end of its response, the AI will offer you some additional questions, these are the "follow-up." You just have to click on them.

"Follow-up" is an innovative and recent feature that allows you to explore a subject in depth, discovering questions that you may not have found on your own.




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April 29, 2024

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