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Summarizing a document with AI has never been easier

In the digital age, we are overwhelmed by an increasing amount of information. Articles, reports, emails... the list goes on. Sometimes it becomes difficult to read and understand all these documents, especially when time is limited. Fortunately, technology offers us a clever solution: quick document summaries thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

Document summary: how does it work?

Imagine a hyper-intelligent and efficient personal assistant. You give it a complex document and in a few seconds, it gives you a clear and concise summary, capturing the key points and essential information. This is the magic of AI applied to automatic summarization.

What are the benefits?

  • Save time: no need to spend hours reading tedious documents. AI does the work for you, allowing you to focus on the essentials.
  • Improve your understanding: a good summary highlights important points and helps you better grasp the subject of the document.
  • Optimize your learning: summaries are perfect for reviewing courses, preparing presentations, or staying informed about current events.

How to use an AI summary tool on Swiftask?

With the Swiftask platform, getting a document summary is easy and fast. Here are the steps to get a document summary:

1. Choose the AI that will handle the analysis of your PDF document: GPT-4, Claude 3, Mistral Large, Gemini Pro, Swiftask...

2. Import the PDF document in question, then simply ask the AI to summarize it.

3. That's it! In a matter of moments, you get the summary of your document and you can continue to ask questions to the AI.

For a more in-depth analysis, we recommend purchasing credit directly for ChatOnPDF. This AI is designed to interact effectively with a PDF or Docx document.



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April 15, 2024

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