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Perfect AIs for students

Are you ready to harness the power of AI to improve your academic performance?

In this article, we present to you 10 revolutionary tools that will help you save time, maximize your productivity, and excel in your studies.

Discover how these AIs can assist you in: understanding your documents more quickly, writing impeccable texts, and learning more effectively.

Get ready to transform your learning experience with cutting-edge AI technologies on Swiftask.

Top 10 best AI for all students

1- AI for chatting with PDF: ChatOnPDF

ChatOnPDF, available on Swiftask, allows you to chat with your PDF and Docx documents. No need to spend hours reading long documents to understand their content. ChatOnPDF instantly analyzes your documents and can:

  • Answer all your questions about the content
  • Provide relevant summaries of key information
  • Explain complex passages

This way, you save valuable time. No more long hours spent dissecting your documents, ChatOnPDF does it for you. Thanks to this innovative AI, you can fully exploit your documents while tripling your productivity. Adopt ChatOnPDF now to boost your performance!

2- AIs for data extraction: OCR, DocumentAI, Scrapio

  • Simplify your life with Optical Character Recognition technology. OCR AI automatically extracts any text present in your JPG or PNG images, without the need to manually retype everything. The tool converts your visuals into editable text with just one click.
  • Another impressive feature is the automatic extraction of tables from a document. DocumentAI AI identifies the tables and exports them for better use.
  • Scrapio is an AI technology that retrieves information from a website or specific page. The gathered data is valuable for students looking for new information for their end-of-study projects or assignments.

Students, these innovations are made for you! Optimize your productivity and save precious time on content retrieval thanks to OCR, Scrapio, and automatic table extraction. Simplify your daily revisions and work!

3- Translating AIs in french and english

Translate your texts with a click using our translation bots. English Translator and French Translator are AIs designed to instantly translate your texts between English and French. No need to waste time typing your translation request. Simply activate the desired bot, copy your text, and the translation will appear automatically in the desired language. Simple and ultra-fast, adopt these bots now for your translation needs in your studies. They work for you, saving you precious time.

4- AI for lightning correction: text corrector

Improve your writings with our AI text corrector. Text Corrector is an artificial intelligence perfect for correcting spelling and grammatical mistakes in your writings. Students will particularly appreciate this AI in the context of their compositions and written assignments. No need to waste time on tedious manual corrections. Thanks to Text Corrector, gain peace of mind and ensure impeccable content for your work. This AI is the ideal solution to relieve you of corrections and allow you to focus on the essence of your writings.

5- Text generative AIs on Swiftask

On Swiftask, you have several AIs capable of accompanying you in your student curriculum. Here they are:

  • GPT-4: Generative Pretrained Transformer 4, is a language model based on artificial intelligence. It is designed to generate text that looks like it was written by a human.
  • Claude 3 Opus: is an advanced AI model. It excels in text generation, contextual understanding, and multilingualism. It surpasses human performance in many tasks, offering unparalleled intelligence and speed.
  • Mistral Large: Mistral Large is a French artificial intelligence at the forefront of innovation, capable of competing with English language models like GPT-4. Its reasoning, understanding, and knowledge capabilities are excellent, placing it at the top of benchmarks such as MMLU, HellaSwag, and WinoGrande. A polyglot, Mistral Large masters several European languages. It has been optimized to minimize latencies and reduce usage costs.

As a student, these AIs will be of great help to you:

  • School support: clarifying complicated ideas in subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, and many others.
  • Writing and correction: assistance in composing essays, laboratory reports, motivation letters, etc. I can also help review and improve already written texts.
  • Exam preparation: facilitating revision for exams, understanding essential topics, and practicing potential exam questions.
  • Language learning: support in practicing a new language, translating phrases, and understanding grammar and vocabulary.
  • Programming: assistance in understanding code, solving programming problems, and learning new programming languages.
  • Research: assistance in finding information on a variety of topics from reliable sources.

6- Multimodal AIs

Next-generation multimodal AIs analyze all types of documents: text, audio, video. They can extract very useful additional information from your course materials. Students can optimize their understanding of the subject by benefiting from additional insights generated automatically by the AIs. No more getting stuck on a document, multimodal AIs save you precious time. Whether it's your classes, exercises, or revisions, harness the power of these revolutionary tools to multiply your effectiveness. Multimodal AIs offer students very valuable daily assistance. With Swiftask, harness the power of the latest AI technologies:

  • GPT Pro analyzes all your documents on demand (PDF, Word, Excel, images...) so you can discuss them. No more misunderstood content, get answers on all your data.
  • Gemini Pro extracts essential information from your videos, PDFs, and images.
  • GPT4 Vision describes and interprets the content of your images, in addition to generating text, for tenfold productivity.
  • These cutting-edge AIs transform your content into actionable knowledge to save considerable time in your studies.

7- Internet research AI: web search

Web Search is an artificial intelligence that simplifies your online searches. No need to spend hours consulting a quantity of sites in search of the rare gem. Web Search automatically explores the web for you and delivers the relevant and up-to-date information you need on a silver platter. Students will adopt it to speed up their research work and always find the latest news on their subject. Web Search also allows you to instantly justify a statement by providing the appropriate sources. Thanks to this innovative AI, save precious time on your internet searches! Web Search explores for you, making you more efficient.

8- AI for audio

Simplify your life with our audio-to-text conversion tools. Thanks to recent advances in AI, easily transform:

  • your voice recordings into written text via AudioIA
  • your YouTube videos into textual transcription by simply copying the link

AudioIA instantly converts your spoken content into editable text. Conversely, bring your written words to life with our Text2Speech voice synthesizer. It produces high-quality audio files from any text you submit to it. No need to read your documents in full, listen to them with Text2Speech. With these two revolutionary tools, switch seamlessly from text to audio and vice versa in the blink of an eye.

9- AI for images

Image generation is an opportunity for today's students. They can easily:

  • Illustrate a concept or idea: students can use an image generator to produce visuals illustrating abstract concepts in order to better understand and remember them.
  • Create presentation materials: create impactful images to support an oral presentation, making a presentation more attractive.

On Swiftask, you have a range of tools for image generation and processing.

  • DALL-E 3: This AI generates high-quality images from text, with more accuracy and fewer errors than previous versions. Coupled with ChatGPT, this AI paves the way for unprecedented creativity.
  • Stable Diffusion: This is an AI for generating artistic images from texts. Thanks to machine learning on thousands of captioned images, it produces high-quality visuals corresponding to the provided descriptions.

10- Swiftask's Multi AI

Swiftask's Multi AI is a feature that allows students to simultaneously consult the responses of multiple AIs to their questions. This way, you gain different perspectives and enrich your understanding of the subject.

  • Thanos Lite combines the responses of multiple artificial intelligences such as Claude 3 Sonnet, GPT-3.5, Mistral Medium, and Gemini Pro. It can generate responses from these different models at the same time.
  • Thanos is composed of Claude 3 Opus, GPT-4, and Mistral Large. These are currently the most powerful artificial intelligences. You can be sure to receive highly elaborate and well-argued responses to all your questions.



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June 14, 2024

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