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Gain access GPT4 for free on Swiftask

Unlock the power of GPT4 with Swiftask's free access. Streamline your tasks and boost productivity using the latest AI technology. Discover how to gain access to GPT4 for free on Swiftask and revolutionize your workflow today!

We are excited to announce a new update to Swiftask that brings a powerful referral program, giving you the opportunity to earn GPT4 credits and reward the people you refer. Here's what you can expect from this update:

1- Share Your Referral Link: With this update, you can now easily send a referral link from your Swiftask account to friends and colleagues. Simply copy and share your unique referral link, and start earning credits!

2- Earn and Reward: When someone you refer signs up and validates their account, both you and the new user will receive GPT4 credits. It's a win-win situation!

  • You'll receive credits that you can use to unlock additional words in Swiftask.
  • The person you refer will also receive credits, empowering them with additional words to accomplish their tasks.

We hope this new referral program enhances your experience on Swiftask by allowing you to earn and redeem valuable credits. Start referring now and enjoy the power of GPT4 credits!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our support team at




August 22, 2023

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