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Mistral Unveils Groundbreaking New AI Model: Mistral Large

AI startup Mistral has just announced the release of their most advanced natural language model yet - Mistral Large. This flagship model boasts top-tier reasoning abilities and multilingual capabilities, making it a leader in complex language tasks like text comprehension, transformation, and even code generation.

Benchmark results show Mistral Large ranked second globally among commercially available AI systems, second only to the recently revealed GPT-4. Key strengths of this new model include:

Mistral Large comparaison


  • Native fluency in 5 languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian) with nuanced linguistic understanding
  • Massive 32,000 token context window for accurately recalling information from long documents
  • Advanced instruction following skills to enable granular content moderation
  • Built-in function calling to simplify integration into modern tech architectures

The model is being made available through Mistral's own Platform, as well as a newly announced partnership with Microsoft Azure - representing a major vote of confidence in Mistral's technology.

Testing shows Mistral Large achieves state-of-the-art performance in areas like reasoning, common sense, knowledge, coding tasks and math problems. It significantly outscores other models in multilingual benchmarks.



Mistral is also launching Mistral Small - an optimized intermediate model focused on low latency and cost without sacrificing innovation. And continued API improvements around output formatting and function calling aim to make integration even more seamless.

With game-changing new models now accessible through their Platform and Azure, Mistral is continuing to execute on their vision of making AI both powerful and ubiquitous. This latest release looks set to raise the bar across multiple industries - and developers eagerly anticipating access already view Mistral Large as a pivotal milestone.



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February 27, 2024

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